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Lynn Yeakel Memorial Golf Tournament
14th Annual
 Saturday June 22, 2019

*Teams in Black are confirmed to play this weekend. These Tee Times are subject to change and most likely will change as the week goes on.  Check back with this site for changes.  Thank You!!

*** Please double check your listing for a rental cart and make sure it is accurate!!

8:30 AM-Brian McClure & Craig Wolf ​
Ron Davis & Ryan Kraft
Jim Boltz & Kirk Swenson

​8:43 AM- Ryan Walton & Krystal Walton
Scott Walton & Aaron Walton
Steve Eidson & Bryant Evans- Rental Cart

8:56 AMJarrod Rowland & Travis Surface
Jason Surface & Seth Surface
Aaron Locke & Hogan Smith​

9:09 AM- Phil Heter & Nick Wilhaus- Rental Cart
Chris Stephenson & Dawson Harris
Dane Wood & Adam Shuler

9:22 AM- Jonathan Zimmerman & Duane Unruh
Terry Fenwick & Mark Royer
Ryan Oelke & Dallas Lackey

9:35 AM- Mark Gillespie & Kent Swan
Levi Gillespie & Jeff Swan- Rental Cart
Chris Gillespie & Clay McEachern

 9:48 AM- Johnny Gillespie & Bryant Wilder
Caleb Gillespie & Dan Gillespie
Clint Gillespie & Kyle Verlying

10:01 AM-Travis Kelso & Bryan Riggs
​Jeremy Flickinger & Dustin Plett
Keith Patterson & Brett Patterson

10:14 AM- ​Greg DeGroot & John Yeakel- Rental Cart
Sean Asbury & Blake Asbury- Rental Cart
Aaron Wilkey & Adam Wilkey- Rental Cart

10:27 AM- Larry Sullivan & Ryan Sullivan- Rental Cart
Parker Andrew & Nate Lawyer- Rental Cart
Katie Sullivan & Christine Andrew- Rental Cart

10:40 AM- ​ Adam Taylor & Lee Thompson
Andy Ball & Mike Bethea
Drew Thompson & Layne Tommer- Rental Cart

10:53 AM- Kyle Yeakel & Misha Holiday- Rental Cart
Joe Barkley & Grant Ramsey- Rental Cart
Matthew Yeakel & Bryan Becker- Rental Cart

11:06 AM- Gavin Sullivan & Peyton Zipf- Rental Cart
Eric Buntemeyer & Savannah Buntemeyer- Rental Cart
Randy Dumas & Josh Ray- Rental Cart

11:29 AM- Steve Gridley & Traci Gridley- Rental Cart
Jason Conkle & Taryn Conkle- Rental Cart
Martin Ibarra & Barb Ibarra- Rental Car