15th Annual Tournament Layout

Field: 2 person teams. Men and women both are welcome to play in this tournament.  However we will not have men's and women's flights.  The tournament will be flighted by the full field regardless of gender. THE 15TH ANNUAL WILL BE FLIGHTED ON THE SCORE OF THE FRONT NINE HOLES.

Cost: The entry fee is $120 per team.  A cart is required to play and if you do not have one the cost to rent one is $40.​ *(This is a $10 increase per team over last year.  That is due to extra plans for the FINAL tournament)

Play: 2 person teams playing best score on the front nine with no limits as to how many holes each partner can claim their score.  Then on the back nine they will scramble with no rules as to how many drives each partner can have, how many putts it takes a team to get in the hole, and no limit as to the worst score a team can have on a hole.

Flighting:  With a full field we will pay the top three finishers in six flights.  When flighting, and breaking ties for winners we will break ties by the scorecard.  We will put the winner of the scorecard tiebreaker in the best favorable position.  For example if we are breaking a tie to decide between the bottom of the second flight and the top of the third flight we will put the winner of the tiebreaker at the top of the third and the loser will get bumped to the bottom of the second flight.  If two or more teams tie and have the exact same score throughout the scorecard both teams will be put in the most favorable position for flighting.  If two or more teams tie throughout the entire scorecard to decide winners the winner will be decided by both players on each team having a one putt challenge and the team with the least amount of total combined inches will be the winner.

Sponsors:  We have an amazing group of sponsors that make this tournament possible.  They provide hole prizes. They also provide funds for advertising, an incredible lunch, and we have an amazing raffle.  Raffle tickets are for sale to the public that come out to support this event as well as players.  Each paid player will receive one complimentary raffle ticket.  Without our sponsors this tournament would not be possible.  We really appreciate all they do for our tournament and encourage any support you can give to these businesses.  

Food and Beverages:  Beverages will be for sale on the course and in the clubhouse all day long.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.  Bringing outside food and beverages is prohibited. 

Tee times:  I anticipate we will tee off in groups of 3 teams. Tee times will start at 8:30 AM.  We will give preference to set the tee times in accordance with the order teams register.  Tee times will be set with all teams that have registered on May 1st.

Course:  This tournament will be played at the Sterling Country Club in Sterling, Kansas.  It is a wonderful nine hole golf course.  The tournament is a non profit tournament to raise money to benefit the Sterling Country Club.  The tournament will be played by the course rules.  No carts in the rough, carts on paths only where necessary, using course designed drop zones, etc.      
15th Annual and FINAL
Lynn Yeakel Memorial Golf Tournament
Saturday June 6, 2020
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